Monarch Opal Sparkle Necklace
Monarch Opal Sparkle Necklace
Monarch Opal Sparkle Necklace
Monarch Opal Sparkle Necklace

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Monarch Opal Sparkle Necklace

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Beautiful. Unique. Sparkle. Handcrafted.

This stunning necklace featuring a gorgeous monarch opal stone with an adventure of colors including green, orange, gold, red fire and shades of light blue. The pendant hands from a strand of super sparkle 24 kt. gold hematite beads.
The necklace length is 20 inches and the pendant extra 1 3/4 inches.

Monarch opal - lab. grown opal.
Monarch Opals ( Sterling Opals) are GIA certified synthetic opals, having all the same physical and chemical properties as natural opal. Each stone takes about a year to grow in an Arizona lab, without colorans or dyes. They are made using nano particles of silica dioxide ( the same way a natural, mined opal is made in the earth). Under a microscope, GIA confirms that these opals have the same characteristics and composition of a natural opal, making it a true, GIA certified synthetic opal. The process itself is natural and the color you see in the stone is from light refraction. The matrix is nod to turquoise and the two together are magic.
Each stone is uniquely beautiful. Each is truly unique and one of a kind.
You can wear it on it's own or layer it with other pieces.

A beautiful piece to enjoy the treasure of nature and bring vibrant colors to your look.
Treat yourself with this unique one of a kind piece or give it as a gift to someone special.

Monarch opal (22x15x5mm)
Gold hematite (3 mm)
Gold filled silver
Gold bronze

~Our Process~
We create unique beaded jewellery designs using natural materials including gemstones, sterling silver, gold, bronze, copper, pearls, and other elements. Some of our work uses Swarovski crystals. We use beading, wiring, and knotting techniques to create our one-of-a-kind designs. We connect with gemstone suppliers all over the world to gather the materials that inspire us to showcase the beauty nature has to offer.

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