Our Materials

Carefully Curated. Unique. Rich. Natural.

We are inspired by textures created by nature and only use real natural semi-precious gemstones in our designs. We personally curate every material that comes into our shop and only choose stones that speak to us to bring to you designs that not only stand out but also warm the heart. We combine natural stones with gold bronze, sterling silver, brass, leather, and other elements to create unique texture combinations. Our designs make a statement while staying true to nature. 
Here is a little bit more about some of our favorite natural gemstones: 


Turquoise is one of our favorite gemstones to work with because of its rich colors and textures. Turquoise radiates vibrant earth colors - greens, blues and browns. The color or turquoise can range from sky blue to deep green, and even white! Celebrate color in your life  with this gorgeous stone! What makes turquoise turquoise? The color of turquoise comes from the oxidation state of copper in the mineral. The varying proportions of copper and its chemical state produce such a wide variety of beautiful colors and textures of this stone. 

Found in: Iran, Egypt, US (Arizona, Nevada, California), Tibet,  India, Chile

In ancient times turquoise was regarded as a holy talisman that protects and brings good fortune. Turquoise is a balancing, calming and realigning stone which promotes inner peace, self-realization, and creativity.   

PEARLLarge freshwater pearls used in our handmade artisan jewelry designs by Aurora Creative Jewellery

Pearls are a true wonder of the natural gems and make a bold statement. We love working with imperfect pearls, or as we call them - artfully uneven. There is infinite beauty in the variety of shapes pearls can grow, each showing their unique shape and style. The rich palette of the natural pearl colors and textures is a true wonder. Our pearls range from pure white, to pale or dusty pink, light eggplant purple, to gray and black. 
Here is more about the types of pearls we love working with:
Baroque freshwater pearl - grown in oysters and can have a large variety of shapes and sizes
Edison pearl - grown in mussels and is typically larger than average pearls Akoya pearl - comes from akoya oyster, and is one of the most valuable pearls Biwa pearl - come from freshwater mussels grown in Japan
The pure beauty of pearls is both refreshing and timeless. Pearls are a symbol of wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one's karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

AMAZONITEAmazonite gemstone jewelry handmade artisan designs by Aurora Creative Jewellery

This beautiful stone combines natural pastel blues, greens, beiges, and browns in a harmonious color palette. Its refreshing colors and soothing texture bring balance and tranquility. We love combining this beautiful stone with silver and gold textures that highlight the beauty of the stone and bring out its hidden textures. 
Found in: Brazil, US (Colorado & Virginia), Australia, and Madagascar
Amazonite is a very soothing stone that relieves stress and anxiety. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the etheric, maintaining optimum health. It is a stone that helps you see both sides of the problem or different points of view. At an emotional level Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It dispels negative energy and aggravation. Amazonite is a stone that assists in manifesting universal love.  

AFRICAN TURQUOISEAfrican turquoise handmade gemstone jewelry by Aurora Creative Jewellery

African turquoise or turquoise jasper is not a type of a traditional turquoise gemstone, but rather a form of jasper that is mined in Africa. We love this stone for its mossy forest green and earthy colors and the rich natural inclusions found in the stone. African turquoise contains copper and iron that contribute to the inclusions comprising its rich color palette. 
Found in: Africa
African turquoise is a grounding and re-balancing stone helping one find their true self. 

LAPIS LAZULILapis lazuli jewelry designs by Aurora Creative Jewellery

The royal blue of lapis lazuli is both alluring and mesmerizing. We are drawn to the rich blue depths of this gorgeous stone and create many pieces to show off its magnetic beauty. 
Found in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chile, Russia
Lapis lazuli is a highly valued stone with ancient history. It was worn by royals in ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire. In the Middle Ages lapiz lazuli was used to produce ultramarine pigment - one of the finest vibrant blue pigments which was used in paints during the Renaissans and Baroque eras by the famous artists, particularly to paint the gowns of Virgin Mary.
The deep blue lapiz lazuli is a stone symbolizing royalty, honor, truth, power and vision. Lapis lazuli stimulated wisdom and good judgement. It enhances truth and deepens communication and is perfect for those who value the spoken and written word. 

AMBERBaltic amber handmade jewelry by Aurora Creative Jewellery  

Amber is a very unique natural material  -  it is not a stone, but rather tree resin that was preserved under pressure over time which acquired stone-like appearance and strength. Amber can be found in a rich warm palette of colors and textures ranging from translucent yellow-gold to dark opaque brown. We love using amber in our work to create warm and earthy designs, particularly raw amber which is unpolished and has matte or rough texture. 
The amber resin is found to originate from many species of coniferous trees in the Baltic region. Unlike gemstones, amber forms a cross-linked network of molecules, with a pore structure which allows to trap other components, giving amber such rich variety. The dense structure of amber allows it to act as a perfect preservation material, which is why you can find bits of plants and insects in the nuggets - a true piece of history of our planet. 
Found in: Russia, Poland
Baltic amber has been historically used for its pain, stress, and anxiety relieving properties. The texture and composition of amber have a grounding effect keeping one balanced. 

LABRADORITEHandmade artisan labradorite gemstone jewelry made in Vancouver, Canada

Labradorite gemstone radiates beautiful blues, purples, and greens, on the background of natural gray color ranging from translucent to slightly opaque. The stone is very lustrous and may have inclusions of dark blue, gray, or black. Labradorite is very sparkly and makes for eye catching pieces while its energy is grounding, peaceful, yet mystical.  
Found in: Northern Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Finland