Baltic Amber Angel Wing Bracelet
Baltic Amber Angel Wing Bracelet
Baltic Amber Angel Wing Bracelet
Baltic Amber Angel Wing Bracelet

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Baltic Amber Angel Wing Bracelet

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Handmade. Boho Style. Natural. One-of-a-Kind

A beautiful handmade artisan bracelet showcasing the natural textures of shiny cognac Baltic amber combined with artisan gold bronze elements. The Baltic amber beads are translucent and you can see though the beads. The amber has a shiny polish which looks very warm and earthy while catching some light. A very rich natural combination of the beautiful materials for those who love organic earth colors. The bracelet feels very light as amber is a very light material. The angel wing reminds you that our journey is guarded and protected.

A beautiful bracelet to wear to showcase your love for nature or get as a gift for someone special.

Please request custom orders if you would like something similar and please specify your preferences.


Bracelet length: 19 cm
Bracelet width: 1.5 cm

At current length this bracelet will fit an 7 inch wrist. 

Baltic amber 
Gold bronze

~Length Adjustments~

If have concerns about the fit, please send us your measurements. We are happy to make length adjustments for you free of charge. 

~Our Process~ 
We create unique beaded jewellery designs using natural materials including gemstones, sterling silver, gold, bronze, copper, pearls, amber, and other elements. Some of our work uses Swarovski crystals. We use beading, wiring, and knotting techniques to create our one-of-a-kind designs. We connect with gemstone suppliers all over the world to gather the materials that inspire us to showcase the beauty nature has to offer. 

~Custom Orders~
Go to the "Contact Us" page to request custom orders. We are always happy to make something special just for you.